Voga organic fertilizer is a combination of natural silicon-rich minerals and high quality organic fertilizer. It contains high level of active silicon (silicic acid), organic matters and humus which help improve soil’s physical and chemical structure, increase organic matter levels, and cation exchange capacity. Silicon when absorbed by plants helps improve plants’ resistance against pests and diseases. Moreover, Voga Organic Fertilizer also contains beneficial micro-organisms that can generate plant’s hormone to speed up growth and fighting root fungal diseases. Voga organic fertilizer consists of beneficial macro- , micro- nutrients and trace elements such as N, P, K, Si, Ca, Mg, SO4, Mn, Fe, Cu, Zn, Mo, B.


  • Contain macro-, micro-nutrients, trace elements and active silicon
  • Improve soil conditions, physical and chemical structure. Increase organic matter content in soils. Alleviate acid and saline soils.
  • Contain beneficial bacteria capable of generating plant’s essential growth hormones and preventing root diseases.
  • Increase soil’s cation exchange capacity (CEC),  the capacity of soils to retain beneficial nutrients. Reduce the use of chemical fertilizers.
  • Strengthen plant’s cell walls. Improve plants’ resistance against pests, fungal and other diseases. Suitable for organic farming.
  • More drought tolerant. Silicon accumulated on leaves help reduce water loss by up to 30%.
  • Help fruits and vegetables taste better and last longer


  • Apply 50-100 kg Voga fertilizer per 1 rai (1600 sq.m.) when prepare land
  • For short season crops, apply before seeding
  • For fruit trees and other trees, spread Voga organic fertilizer around canopy area

Super Voga are natural silicon rich minerals that contain many beneficial nutrients.

  • Increase the usefulness of chemical fertilizers, prevent leaching
  • Prevent fungal and other diseases
  • Strengthen plants, improve resistance against pests and diseases
  • Increase the usefulness of chemical fungicides and pesticides
  • Absorb toxins from soils and produce


  • Mix with chemical ferilizer, manure or organic fertilizer. Use 1 kg of Super Voga for 50 kg of fertilizers
  • Mix with small amount of water to make paste. Apply paste on barks infected by fungi.
  • Spread small amount around canopy to prevent root rot.
  • Mix 1 teaspoon of Super Voga in 20 litre spraying tank when spray fungicides or pesticides to increase their effectiveness
  • Mix 1 teaspoon Super Voga in 5 liter water. Use it to clean vegetables or fruits to clean chemical residues and help prolong freshness.

Organic fertilizer Registration Certificate 
from Department of Agriculture

  • Typical analysis of our organic fertilizer