Voga Organic Fertilizer

Voga Organic Fertilizer is a combination of natural minerals and high quality organic fertilizer. It contains high level of active silicon (silicic acid), organic matters and humic acid which help improve soil’s physical and chemical structure, increase resistance of plants against pests and diseases. Moreover, Voga Organic Fertilizer also contains free-living nitrogen fixing bacteria that can generates plant’s hormone to speed up growth. Voga fertilizer consists of over 40 beneficial macro- , micro- nutrients and trace elements such as N, P, K, Si, Ca, Mg, SO4, Mn, Fe, Cu, Zn, Mo, B.


  • High content of active (soluble) silicon and humic acid. Improve soil conditions, physical and chemical structure. Alleviate acid and saline soils.
  • Contain nitrogen-fixing bacteria capable of generating plant’s essential growth hormones boosting trunk and root growth.
  • Increase the capacity of soils to retain beneficial nutrients. Reduce the use of chemical fertilizers.
  • Improve plants’ resistance against pests, fungal and other diseases. Suitable for organic farming.
  • Contain over 40 macro-, micro-nutrients and trace elements
  • Help fruits and vegetables taste better and last longer