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KetoMax are natural extracts from beneficial microbes that can be used to control fungal and bacterial diseases.

Benefits :

Usage :

Diseases of economic plants that are difficult to control by
chemical pesticides including:

*Citrus : Greening, Canker diseases *Peppers : Anthracnose disease
*Durians : Pink disease, Rhizoctonia disease, Fruit rot disease
*Roses : Black spot, Powdery mildew, Canker, Rust diseases
*Tomatoes : Late blight disease *Potatoes : Late blight disease
*Pomelo : Canker disease *Lemons : Canker disease
*Grapes : Powdery mildew, Antracnose diseases
*Melons, Water melons, Cucumber : Downy mildew disease
and many other diseases

Before using KetoMax
1 week after use
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