Biogard : protect plants from insects

Biogard: Protect plants from insects
BioGard Insecticide

Biogard is an all natural organic fungicide. It is a toxin extraction from microbes. There are 2 varieties : for use on soft shell insects like aphids or mites and for worms.  Biogard is safe for use and free of toxic chemicals. It is non-toxic to humans, animals, marine-lives or environment. 


  • Being natural substance, safe to humans, animals, birds, bees, or fish. No bad odor.
  • Protect plants from insect infestation and damage. 
  • For sucking insects such as aphids, mites, etc.  and for worms
  • No toxin residue in products and environment.


  • Pest Prevention: 20cc (1 cap full) /20 liters water. Spray every 7-10 days
  • Pest Control: 40cc/20 liters water. Spray every 5-7 days
  • Add 1 tbs of Super Voga to increase efficacy
  • Spray above and under leaves thoroughly.
  • Can be used with other chemicals, insecticides, or fungicides