NitroPluz : Plant growth promoters

NitroPluz combines active silicon with endophytic bacteria. Spraying onto plant’s leaves, microbes in NitroPluz will penetrate into plant’s cells and fix nitrogen from air, and convert it to plant available form which can be directly used by plants. Applying to soils, it will fix nitrogen and convert it to plant available form for plants to be taken up by roots. It also create mucus-like substance that helps soils retaining more water. NitroPluz helps boost plant growth and reduce nitrogen fertilizer usage by as much as 50%. It can also produce hormones to further activate leaf and root growth and prevent premature fruit drop and increase fruit size.  NitroPluz combining with active silicon helps activate growth, strengthen plants’ cells naturally and sustainably.


  • Activate new leaf and root growth
  • Provide nitrogen to plant reducing the use of urea
  • Producing plant hormones activating growth of root leaf and fruits. Preventing premature fruit drop.
  • Prevent diseases from entering into plants and help getting rid of diseases that are already in the plants.


  • Mix 500g of NitroPluz with 200L of water and spray onto plants’ leaves or fruits. Spray in the late evening to early morning to avoid sunlight.
  • Mix 100g of NitroPluz with 25kg Voga organic fertilizer. Apply to soil around canopy area as urea substitute
  • Mix 100g of NitroPluz with 100L of water and apply onto soils.
Vegatables grown using SuperVoga NitroPluz and Voga organic fertilizer (without any chemical fertilizers)
ผักสลัด ที่ปลูกด้วยไนโตรพลัส
Durian trees after 2 weeks of using NitroPluz
Citrus Sprayed with NitroPluz. Results after 3 weeks and 10 months.
NitroPluz results after 10 months