NitroPluz : Plant growth enhancer

Super Voga NitroPluz combines active silicon with nitrogen fixing microbes. It can fix nitrogen from air into soils increasing soil’s nitrogen level. It can also produce hormones to activate root growth. Containing all plant-needed nutrients plus active silicon, Super Voga NitroPluz helps activate growth, strengthen plants’ cells naturally and sustainably.


  • Used with Voga organic fertilizer, microbes can stay in soil for a long time and keep fixing nitrogen to plants.
  • Used with Voga organic fertilizer, it provides all plant-needed nutrients plus silicon.
  • It helps produce plant hormones that can stimulate root growth


  • Mix 100g of SuperVoga NitroPluz with 25kg Voga organic fertilizer. Apply to plants as urea substitute
Vegatables grown using SuperVoga NitroPluz and Voga organic fertilizer (without any chemical fertilizers)
ผักสลัด ที่ปลูกด้วยไนโตรพลัส
Durian trees after 2 weeks of using NitroPluz
Citrus Sprayed with NitroPluz. After 1 week, a lot of new leaves.
Citrus spray