KetoPluz/KetoMax : Protect plants from diseases

KetoMax-Organic Fungicide
KetoMax-Organic Fungicide

KetoPluz and KetoMax are 100% natural substances. They protect plants from wide range of diseases from fungi or bacteria without any resistance.

KetoPluz for soil borne diseases or trunk rot and KetoMax for leaf-spray.

Trunk Rot Root Rot use KetoPluz


Result of using SuperVoga Pro in mulberry affected by root rot

cure root rot with organic fungicide
Durian tree used to have root rot but recovered after using SuperVoga Pro

Using SuperVoga Pro on durian tree with trunk rot

Durian trunk rot
Durian trunk rot

Using KetoMax on Parsley with fungal diseases

Parsley with organic fungicide, KetoMax