Super Voga Pro KetoPluz

Organic Fungicide

Super Voga Pro Keto Pluz is silicon based bio-fungicide

Silicon helps strengthen cell walls protecting plants against fungal diseases and pests.
Chaetomium is a fungus that is non-toxic to plants and animals but is capable of killing other disease causing fungi. Chaetomium will produce mycotoxin called Chaetoglobosins that will destroy fungi’ or bacteria’s cells and kill them. It can protect plants against root or trunk rots caused by phytophthora, fusarium, pythium, or other fungal or bacterial diseases.

Benefits of KetoPluz:
1. Works well in wet conditions where fungal diseases are most likely to spread and hard to control.
2. Works well in soils. Chaetomium lives on organic matters and can stay in soils for a long period of time. Fungicidal effects will last much longer than chemical fungicides.
3. No resistance. Most of fungal diseases can develop resistance to chemical fungicides so that we have to change to different types of fungicides all the time. Chaetomium, on the other hand, produces over 10 different types of Chaetoglobosins so that fungal or bacterial diseases cannot develop resistance to them.

Chaetomium lives on organic matters, so it is best to apply Chaetomium with Voga organic fertilizer. Voga organic fertilizer has very high amount of organic matter and has suitable pH for the growth of Chaetomium.  It will greatly enhance the benefits of Chaetomium.

Trunk rot, root rot


For soil borne fungal and bacterial diseases
  • Mix 100 g with 10 kg Voga organic fertilizer. Apply the resulting fertilizer to affected area and water well to control fungal and bacterial diseases.
  • Mix well 20g of SuperVoga Pro in 20L of water. Spray on affected area. Spray time preferably in the evening to avoid heat
For trunk rot
  • Mix with small amount of water to form paste and apply onto affected trunk.
For Seeds
  • Mix 10g with moist seeds before planting to help protect seedling from fugal diseases.
For Cuttings
  • Mix 20g in 20L water in a container. Soak cuttings for 1 hour before planting.
  • Use 20g per 20L of system water every week or when changing water

Result of using KetoPluz in mulberry affected by root rot

root rot mulberry
Durian tree used to have root rot but recovered after using SuperVoga Pro KetoPluz
Durian root rot
Durian root rot

Using KetoPluz on durian tree with trunk rot

Trunk rot durian
Durian Root rot