Ganoderma: Oilpalm tree basal stem rot

Basal stem rot in oilpalm tree is caused by fungus, Ganoderma Boninense, which is related to LingZi mushroom. The fungi usually stay in soils at 60 cm deep. It gets into oilpalm tree through roots and the infected oilpalm tree will not show any kinds of symptoms during the first 5 years.  Symptoms: The first […]


A Retiree with Integrated Agriculture

Supamitr Panchavabus As Thailand becomes more towards an aging society, finding jobs after retirement is surely not an easy task. For agricultural work, if no prior experience, it will take time to learn with trial and error before success can be achieved. A retired veterinarian, Supamitr Panchavabus or “Mor Tum”, who decided to purchase a […]

Voga Experiment in Rice, UdonThani

Ariya Piwleung, Horticulturist 5, Pen Agricultural Department, Baansangsa Rice Seed Development Center, Moo 8, Baantat sub-district, Pen district, UdonThani Province General Information of Baantat sub-district All areas of Baantat sub-district are not irrigated. Rice-growing depends solely on rainfalls. 4% of farmers in Baantat sub-district grow rice. 2 crops of rice are grown in a year, […]

Voga Experiment in Rice, Ang Thong

By Mr. Pansang Sangsophon Horticulturist, Visetchaicharn Agricultural Department Saljao Rongthong sub-district, Visetchaicharn district, Ang Thong Province General Information of Saljao RongThong sub-district All parts of Saljao RongThong sub-district are irrigated. 78% of farmers grow rice. 5 crops of rice are planted in 2 years. Soils in general are heavy clay soil, fair in nutrients. pH […]

Compare fields with/without silicon Voga

Experiment of Voga on Crops during Dry Season

by Mr. Jarern Pimkal Horticulturist, Lopburi Agricultural Department and Irrigation Group of Kokkatiam, Muang, Lopburi General Information of Kokkatiam District All parts of Kokkatiam district are irrigated. Main crop is rice. Farmers do 5 plantings of rice in 2 years. Soil in the area is generally heavy clay soil, low in nutrients. Analysis shows soil […]